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For Bad Credit Auto Financing, Idaho Drivers Rely On Parker Auto Credit... Because Bad Things Happen To Good People

In recent years, banks have instituted stricter guidelines for credit and auto loans, making it more difficult for people to find bad credit auto financing in Idaho. Recent economic downturns and a variety of new lending laws have contributed to the problem, with many good people unable to purchase the vehicle they need. These new lending regulations have had an impact on students with no credit history, seniors on pensions, retirees with limited resources, families with poor credit scores and many more.

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Our online car loan application takes only minutes to fill out and submit. We have a huge network of lenders to work with, allowing us to get you the best car loan rate your credit score allows. No embarrassing bad credit situations. We provide a hassle-free and confidential experience. Our no obligation application is free.

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All vehicles are covered by our 30 day 1,500 mile limited power train warranty.

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Build Your Credit And Get A Reliable Car At The Same Time

At Parker Auto Credit, we understand that good people can have bad luck through unfortunate circumstances that are no fault of their own. You may have been through a divorce, had to cope with unexpected medical expenses, lost a job and had to dig into your savings, filed for bankruptcy or faced some other economic hardship that damaged your credit score. At Parker Auto Credit, we work with a variety of lenders who are waiting to give you bad credit auto financing in Idaho that can put you behind the wheel of a reliable car without having to jump through hoops or commit to terms that are unreasonable or restrictive. You'll love the security of driving a dependable car that's safe for your family while improving your credit through our affordable finance options. 

Applying For Bad Credit Auto Financing For Idaho Drivers Is Easy 

It's easy to apply online by visiting our credit application page and filling out our simple online auto loan application. At Parker Auto Credit, we are the bank specializing in bad credit auto financing in Idaho, we can offer the best possible rates and terms based on your credit score. Our application process is confidential, compassionate and hassle-free and there's no obligation or cost for applying. All you need is a steady income, a small down payment and the ability to make small, weekly payments!

Learn More About Bad Credit Auto Financing 

Idaho drivers can learn more about how to apply for an auto loan by filling out our online credit application or visiting our auto loan information page, where you will find a wealth of information about auto loans, including common terms, definitions and answers to frequently asked questions about bad credit auto financing in Idaho.